The Automotive Industry is faced with the challenge to cope with a challenging set of market requirements: Shorter time-to-market, more vehicle models and variants, higher productivity, reduced total cost of ownership, highest plant availability and production quality, increasing energy costs, and finally: a globalized business.


Our comprehensive offerings and systems can help master these challenges. Our Manufacturing Intelligence increases production flexibility. Innovative automation and intelligent maintenance strategies boost productivity. Energy is put to maximum use with energy management and automation. And finally, our 24*7 dedicated workforce ensure optimum local support.


Our offer for automotive manufacturing is based on Totally Integrated Automation and Totally Integrated Power, our integrated and interoperable basis for implementation of customized automation and power distribution solutions. Together with our automation and process expertise, this platform approach helps you exploit synergies throughout the entire automotive manufacturing process.


Our experts will accompany you throughout your automotive manufacturing life cycle with expert service, support and practice-oriented training. Aeronube’s team of experienced specialists provides one of the most extensive service offering available anywhere. Our team of experienced specialists supports you with one of the most extensive service offerings on the market.

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