Corporate Social Responsibility


Aeronube follows the 3E approach to Sustainability. We design our philosophy, our products, our engagements and our approach to align with Economic, Ecological and Equitable development of our world. This is derived from ‘Triple Bottomline’ approach to Sustainability, more commonly known as ‘3E’ approach.


We take pride in maintaining transparency around each of the above bottomlines, and as such, have concentrated on below reporting/supporting initiatives:


1.     Dynamically evolving business code of ethics : Complete and non negotiable adherence by each employee and service partner. 

2.     Each employee and director is a signatory to voluntary standards

3.     Absolute transparency in contractual obligations

4.     Policy initiatives for creating social equity and promoting affirmative action in consultation with the Clients

5.     Sustainability Dashboard


Being a knowledge company, Aeronube seriously believes in knowledge dissemination and creating outreach models so that the niche technologies can touch our lives more directly. To achieve this goal, Aeronube R&D teams are involved in developing solutions in accessible technologies.


Philanthropy remains a motivation for each team member here, and is firmly enmeshed in our HR philosophy. Aeronube is always open to creating public dialogues to dynamically evaluate any opportunities to ‘Give Back to the Society’.


Write to us with your ideas on CSR at


And keep watching this space for more updates 

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