Energy & Utilities


The Energy & Utility industry continues to face challenges such as evolving government regulations, growing environmental pressures as well as increased M&A activity.


The industry is also seeing a convergence of infrastructure with IT as well as initiatives to realize energy conservation, sustainability challenges and to better understand consumers’ energy usage patterns.


Energy and Utility companies are undertaking new initiatives in Enterprise Asset Management Systems, “Smart Initiatives” (Smart Connect/ Smart Grid/ Smart Connect, etc.), Force Field planning and management, Workflow Automation and Collaboration, and Integration with HAN (Home Area Network) while tackling a variety of on-going IT and security challenges. As a result, there is a large demand for qualified professionals to help execute and implement these initiatives.


Aeronube is well positioned to service the major segments of the energy and utilities industry and our client base includes all the major utilities firms, coast to coast. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, a wide talent pool and a deep knowledgebase of industry regulations and government mandates.


Our core energy and utilities competency unit delivers quick and efficient solutions to support all your IT Services needs.

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