Application Management

Every organization relies on robust, agile business applications to run front offices to reach new customers, and sell products and services. There is also a need to rely on business applications in the back office to maintain records, manage inventory, process analytics, and coordinate general administrative functions. Business applications are at the heart of ongoing transformations. In order to truly support businesses, these applications should be flexible enough to promote agility to enable organizations to quickly respond to inevitable change.


How Aeronube helps

Aeronube’s Application Management provides end-to-end services including due diligence, portfolio analysis, transition, Business As Usual (BAU) and continuous improvement for a wide range of bespoke and packaged applications. Its framework enables customers with:


  • Analytics-based insights for continuous improvement

  • Business Process SLA/KPIs

  • Proactive, predictive and perfective maintenance

  • Unmatched visibility into application behavior and its impact on business

  • Alternative Pricing Models to cater to business contexts


Our Application Management Service practice gives organizations a competitive edge.


The key features of our services include:


Standard Service Catalogue - A structured collection of IT services ready for deployment at your organization


Automation - Aeronube's automation platform consists of self-service, self-heal services and a repository of scripts that enable automated provisioning in your hybrid IT environment


Standard CTI/KEDB - A database of frequently encountered errors and corresponding solutions that help reduce resolution time for frequently raised tickets


Integrated Alert Management - A 360 degree view of alerts and tickets and an ability to predict an alert or an incident


End User Experience - Track end user experience in real time and ensure that the green service indicators actually translate to satisfied end users; verified through periodic CSAT surveys


Business Process Availability - Up and available business processes suiting your business needs and criticality with quick root cause identification and corrective measure instillation in case of an outage.


Managed Services

(Infrastructure & Application Management)


IT leaders are at an inflection point in terms of making the right technology investments, delivering value and building a future-ready IT landscape. They are doing all this in an environment where technological heterogeneities and complexities have made it necessary to put in place a wide range of IT services, making cost optimization, reliable and strategic IT operations the need of the hour.


How Aeronube helps


Aeronube offers Integrated Managed Services for:


a.    Infrastructure Management

b.    Application Management

c.     Security Operations

d.    Cloud Operations

            Improves service and portfolio resilience

            Reduce operational costs by up to 40%

            Align IT operations to business process performance 


            Portfolio Analysis

            Service Improvement Consulting

            IT Operations Resiliency Consulting


            Automation in Service Delivery

            Analytics-based Service Insights

            Proactive Monitoring for Enhanced End-User Experience

            DevOps - Continuous Delivery

Enable Transformation

              Service Calibration for Service Optimization

              Service Level Agreement to Business Level Agreement

              Portfolio Rationalization


Infrastructure Management

An efficient, agile and cost-effective technology infrastructure can be the differentiator for businesses to refocus on their core services and products. IT and Infrastructure Management Service has undergone a significant change, helping deliver business value, improved efficiencies and variabilization of costs. Innivey’s Infrastructure Management Service optimizes end-to-end management of enterprise IT infrastructure across data centers, networks, mainframes and end user computing.


How Aeronube helps.

Our Infrastructure Management Service, with strong domain and specialized capabilities spanning data centers, networks, Managed Services, cloud, business advisory and global system integration, can help you transform your vision to reality.


Aeronube’s Infrastructure Managed Service framework offers:


  • Autonomics driven services

  • On Demand infrastructure capabilities, including data center

  • Differentiated EcoEnergy solution capabilities


The key features of our service are:


  • Accuracy

  • Library of known error database, resulting in faster resolutio

  • Standard automation tools for day-to-day operation

  • Organization-wide best practices and SOP

  • Best-in-class quality methodologies

  • Productivity benchmarking to improve performance



  • Multi-location delivery eliminates single point of failure

  • Disaster Recovery read

  • Access solution: Multiple customer network from single desktop

  • Pre-built integration with partner and other service lines

  • Readiness for integration with existing tools



  • Readily available pool of skilled resources in all domains at all times

  • Faster ramp ups and ramp down

  • Ready-to-use command centers across the glob

  • Ready-to-use Service Management platform compliant with ITIL standard

  • Plug & play monitoring, management and reporting tools available



  • Enhanced network security - intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, content filtering, load balancer

  • Biometric scanner and proximity card reader for facility access control

  • Isolated data network for all customers to prevent cross flow of data packets

  • Periodic security audit

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