E-Recruitment -Evolving face of Recruitment

January 13, 2016

Recruitment has revolutionized itself and reincarnated in a new form after internet has become prevalent in today’s time.  Also the industry needs have changed and the business scenario has become very dynamic in nature. Now the need of the hour is “Just in Time” Recruitment where the positions falling open needs to be filled in the shortest possible time. This can be achieved only if a huge pipeline of profiles are kept ready to be leveraged when the need occurs. Online Recruitment or e-Recruitment is the answer to all the recruitment challenges.


Online Recruitment can enable the Organizations to post the Job Requirement over the internet and has a huge outreach. It is also extremely fast and cost effective in nature. With the advent of social media the employers now can also get enormous amount of data related to a particular candidate with the click of a button. This makes decision making much faster and accurate. Also the employer can find a common Contact from the social networking sites like LinkedIn/Facebook who can give first hand feedback about the candidate. This is not only cost efficient but more reliable.


Also the online recruitment Portals categorize the CVs based on location, Experience level, industry, current salary etc. which helps the employers to search the right candidate quickly and effectively. Some of the recruitment portals also urge the job seekers to undertake some tests based on the skillset etc. and include the results along with the CVs. This helps in calibrating the candidates on multiple parameters.


The Candidates can also create the profile and upload it along with all the credentials he wants. The concept of Video Resume is gaining momentum where the employer can get a glimpse of the candidate in person and also can create an impression by observing his communication skills and how he is presenting himself.


Another very important aspect of online recruitment is referrals. There are many portals which invites references from some of the established industry personalities and propose the same to the prospective employers. These references can be multilayer in nature, like person A might know person B and Person B might refer person C for a particular position for which C has the right skillset. This increases the acceptability to a much higher extent.  Social networking sites are leveraged to create this network for references.


One more activities organized by the e-Recruitment portals are virtual Hackathons. Where one or multiple problems are given and the job seekers are invited to participate in the same at a pre-defined timeframe and solve them in the most innovative way. Then the results are shared with various organizations. Also technical experts can evaluate the solutions and can have their feedback given to the candidate and update the same in the portal with the CV.


Finally the job portals also use the Data Analytics and machine learning techniques to match the candidate in a scientifically much better manner to the job openings. This ensures that the chances of the candidate joining and performing as per expectation much higher making the whole of recruitment process more effective.

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