Total Recruitment - A Concept

January 6, 2016

Many of us who are Football Fans might have heard the term "Total Football" coined under Rinus Mitchells the Dutch Coach for AJax Amsterdam. This is the label given to an influential tactical theory of football in which any outfield player can take over the role of any other player in a team.Dutch forward Johan Cruyff was the system's most famous exponent during early 1970s. In 1974 World Cup Final , Cruyff kicked off and the ball was passed around Oranje thirteen times before returning to Cruyff, who then went on a rush that eluded Berti Vogts and ended when he was fouled by Uli Hoeneß. The referee awarded the penalty and teammate Johan Neeskens scored from the spot kick to give the Netherlands a 1–0 lead with 80 seconds of play elapsed, and the Germans not even touching the ball. 

In Recruitment also something similar has become imperative in today's dynamic world. It is no longer the responsibility of only the HR and the Recruitment team to ensure on time hiring of correct person. Everybody right from the CEO to all departments including the Technology, Sales, Marketing and Operations team need to shoulder the responsibility along with the HR Team to ensure the hiring process is smooth and effective. Also if the proposed candidate is allowed to meet at least one representative from a few other departments apart from the hiring department he will be able to make out a better ring side view of the organization. A 360 degree feedback will also help the HR and Hiring Manager a better view to decide on offering the right candidate. This is very much required and will provide him with inputs which he might use to take the decision whether to join the company. This is more true for Startups and Smaller companies where the candidate is expected to interact with all such persons once he comes on Board. It will also give him more motivation as he will feel empowered and important- with so many people from arenas of work is talking with him.

During pre boarding as well


if he is allowed to interact with people of different arena he would be able to clear his doubts and concerns and that might lead him to join the organization.  This will make the candidate comfortable and feel at home even before he joins.

Needless to say that to arrange the interviews to making the offer rollout on time the HR team will need full cooperation of the Operations, Finance apart from the technology team.  This will ensure a very good experience for the candidate at the first place.  

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