Skill Competency


We bring simplification to the recruitment process by breaking the shibboleths. We have leveraged lean six sigma methodology to remove redundancies in the talent search/ recruitment exercise.


For instance, we have simplified and shortened multiple unproductive and redundant rounds of evaluations for skills that are readily available in the market. Our proactive model helps in engaging the prospects creating a ready pipeline in the job demand and supply ecsosytem.


We obviate the kneejerk operating model of engaging technical associates and perhaps not even of the desirable quality when there is a demand.


With deep domain expertise and insights on the pulse of the talent ecosystem  coupled with the philosophy to bring  absolute transparency with our clients, Aeronube is well prepared  to meet your demand and provide a real mirror view of the talent availability.


The talent pool is regularly evaluated by our technical panel and it is no rocket science that you put your money where there is money and we take it very seriously.


Our  panel of technical evaluators as well as evaluators from our existing software development vertical  will ensure significant reduction in unbilled days leading to value creation.


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