Staff Augmentation

Today, IT Staff Augmentation is not about body shopping anymore, it requires both, deep understanding of Technical IT skills as well as Recruitment skills leading to successful sourcing of the best available technical resources. Aeronube understands this and delivers value through its technical resource base and new age sourcing technology.


Aeronube is not your staffing partner, but also an organisation which provides value through its technical division with skilled resources. This is because, We value our relationship with our clients. Aeronube has an internal pool of hard to get and niche technical talent to meet the most critical yet uncertain demands of your business.

Aeronube knows where to find the most sought-after technical professionals with the skill sets you need to propel your business forward. With our quality-focused approach and years of experience across diverse industries, our Staff Augmentation services are outlined to complement your company’s unique business objectives and technical needs. Our key strength lies in our ability to identify candidates with the ideal blend of technical skills and scalable experience.

Our proven staffing methodology allows us to engage with the best of the best that the IT industry has to offer. Our referral-based sourcing strategy joined with a secure screening process assures that we shortlist the right resources to help your business realize its full potential.

Onsite Staffing

When projects requiring highly skilled consultants with superior domain experience and grasp, our onsite Staffing model allows you to access our expertise in your office premise.

When you want to strengthen your organization by adding specific talents that may be of strategic significance you may like to hire people directly under your payroll. With our Direct Hire program, you get pre-screened well-qualified candidates who meet your requirements all within a short turnaround time. We make it happen by our large collection of qualified candidates and our unique sourcing processes. Our experience in servicing some of the Fortune 500 companies and large corporations across industries means you get the right candidate right on time. Aeronube assures to present accomplished professionals and executives that fit the bill within your timelines. 


Our Temp-to-Hire Program lets you bring a selected candidate into your work environment for on-the-job performance evaluation. The candidate works on the temporary assignment on our payroll while you determine there’s a good fit. If you decide to hire our associate, we will work with you on a prorated fee structure.

  • Direct Placement

  • Contract/Temp-to-Hire


Offshore Staffing

Our offshore staffing model allows you to choose between "managing your resources by yourself or letting us do it for you," either way, in this model, our consultants work for you from our office. Recommended for projects with well-defined goals and deliverables, our offshore staffing model optimizes cost while providing state-of-the-art services through our offshore development facilities in India.



  • Ideal for tightly budgeted projects

  • Consultants work under your supervision but in our offices

  • Access to industry-best resources and skill sets

  • Complete flexibility to scale up or down

  • Full control over project development

  • Cost optimization and progress visibility

  • Business continuity with time advantage (round-the-clock offshore development facility)

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